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Everything is Bigger in Texas

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

We traveled to Fort Worth, Texas in October 2016 for our 22 birthday. One of our best friends from high school, Hannah, goes to TCU, and we finally got to visit her at school!

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” is definitely a true statement. The first thing I saw when I got off the plane was the largest American flag ever made. Now, this is not a confirmed, largest flag sighting, but I’m pretty darn sure it was.  The theme continued throughout the weekend with the cars, food, drinks and bars all being bigger and better than I’ve ever seen. These four days were by far some of my favorite days of 2016, so I will try to capture it all in this post!

First we went to sushi, which was an interesting choice as we have some of the best sushi on the west coast, but I gave it a shot anyway, I think Ill try and keep the raw fish eating to a coast. The Texmex though, now that was a different story. Torchy’s queso. Ill just leave that there if you find yourself in Fort Worth.

At Saint Mary’s we don’t have greek life so, Chey and I were beyond excited to go to our first frat mixer that night!!! Feeling like unstoppable freshman, though we are seniors, we put some glitter on and danced the night away.

Our first full day we got a campus tour from Hannah, and it is larger than it app ears. We started at the radio station, because we are on the exec team for SMC’s rad io and we wanted to see another school’s setup. It was amazing. We Continued the tour to the football field, which we got to walk on… I thought the public safety was going to kick us off but apparently it’s okay. That night we went had more great food and another mixer (yay reliving freshman year!), it was halloween themed and classic us, we just matched as cheerleaders. LIL JOHN, I repeat, LIL JOHN was the music for this mixer and it’s safe to say I was living for the entire night. Mixers are the best and I am very happy I got to go to two, #smallschoolprobs

We rallied for our second day and went to the Texas State fair. Good for fried food, horse shows and people watching. We got some real southern sweet tea and found that everyone was so nice there, from the students at TCU, people at the fair and even our uber drivers. Southern hospitality at its finest. The day continued with classic Texas things as we went to Billy Bobs, a huge bar known for its country music, mechanical bull and line dancing. I would highly suggest this bar for anyone who visits Dallas/Fort Worth area!

The brunch before we left we went to downtown Fort Worth at this amazing restaurant called, Yoke. I don’t really like breakfast food(neither does Chey, I know we’re weird) and it took me 20 minutes to decide what I wanted and I ate the whole plate! The food was unreal in Texas.

Texas is amazing, Hannah is the best and I (we) will for sure be back!!!

Love & Light,


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