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Wow...that was my reaction to this country, the people, the landscape, and the history. I know wow is not a descriptive word, but every aspect of this week in Ireland blew me away.

This was my first time in Ireland and my itinerary was Dublin, Galway and Derry, Northern Ireland and we drove that circle. In Dublin, we took a hike on the outskirts to see the amazing views of the city, watched the Riverdance performance, and went to the Guinness factory. In Galway, we walked around the cozy main street and took a pastry cooking class!

My favorite part of my time in Ireland was the hospitality of the Irish people. We would be on the train, or walking down the street, and people would just chat with us, offer directions or tell us a little about the history of Ireland (which I found so interesting).

Driving around the country was incredible. I swear the green of the grass and trees is its own shade, I have never seen anything that shade of green. If you have not been, and it is not on your travel list, I would add it now, you won’t regret it!

Top 3 Moments (in no particular order):

-Giants Causeway (all natural rock formation in pictures 1 and 2, and it was sideways raining!)

-Riverdance show

-Driving around the countryside while seeing the sites

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