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Ladies of the Lake

Hi all,

This past weekend we were able to travel up to the Tahoe, Ca area for a relaxing and fun getaway. Our roommate’s (Chrissy) mom was having her birthday party there and she invited us to join. If you don’t already know, we LOVE the lake. We grew up with an amazing lake house right outside of Spokane, WA and spent many summer days there. Lakes will always have a special places in our hearts.

After the 3 hour drive, we settled in our room, said our hellos and headed out on the water. This lake was a little different than the ones we are used to because it was small and shallow, which only allowed for non-motorized boats and there were no docks. But different isn’t always bad. We took the canoe out, just Cheyanne and I, which is always a sight to see. We are a pretty good team once we get going, but there is still bickering and wrong turns along the way.

We all decided to head to the public beach, which we pulled up only to find out it was a private beach now and we had to paddle over to the much more crowded beach on the other side (thanks sassy homeowner).

Though, that bump in the road (water??) allowed us to meet some fellow diabetics on the beach, who told us about some cool technology that they were testing out. We talked about our dexcoms and some of the daily struggles that we deal with, especially while traveling. It included forgetting supplies, lack of pharmacy access and wacky numbers with all of the changes.

The day was a blast and we ended with some birthday cake, bingo and meditation. Cheyanne and I dominated bingo, winning 6 of the 14 prizes (Chrissy has a big family). Then with most of the party goers getting tired, Chrissy’s brother-in-law led us in meditation before bed.

Oh yeah, the bed situation. It was a pretty packed house, with all of the beds occupied, so Cheyanne and I had to share a twin bed. Twins in a twin. We have done it before and we did it again.

Sunday offered more time for birthday celebrations, reading, chatting and tanning. It was a wonderful weekend. We were happy to celebrate with friends, get back to a lake and meet some fellow T1D’s.

Love and Light, Morgan

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