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Montana-Big Sky Country

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

This Christmas, along with our family, we traveled to Whitefish, Montana. Our Aunt and Uncle just finished building a home there and we were so excited to visit! We stayed at a great lodge near their house and saw cross country skiers on the golf course behind us -- wouldn’t think you’d ever hear that in the same sentence! The course was covered in layers of untouched snow, only broken by the two lines from the skies.

The week was filled with Alpine Skiing, horseback riding and dog sledding. It was an activity filled week for sure. Which, actually ended up getting everyone really sick after the vacation, boo.

Each of the activities had its struggles with the T1D, though. While skiing, it was anywhere between 1 and 6 degrees, which really messed with the CGM. Even though it was under layers of clothing, it still was too much to work properly up there. It was over 100 points off during the mountain time, so I relied on testing manually when I went into get warm. I had my little sister carry my omnipod in her camel back backpack, and when I took it out it was freezinggggg. So, so cold! Anyone else ski and have a favorite way to carry supplies?

P.S If you ever get the chance to go dog mushing, from a non-animal person, it’s a lifetime memory... like traveling through Narnia, I swear. ;)

Ta ta for now.

Love your travelers,


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