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New York, New York

As TSwift says, “Welcome to New York, its been waiting for you,” and boy was it waiting with a sweltering high of 30 degrees! Let me tell you, many a teas were consumed that week.

We travelled to New York with the KSMC (Saint Mary’s College radio station) executive team, which Morgan and I are both on, to go to a conference offered by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems (IBS). Here we learned all about how to more effectively operate the station and have better radio programming! It was two days of informational seminars, as well as, getting to meet other radio stations from around the world! Morgan and I are thinking about starting a podcast steaming off of our radio show, TWINSANITY, so be on the lookout!

At night we were able to explore the city, which was amazing because we were first timers! We saw Times Square, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Statue of Liberty and grabbed ourselves a few slices of famous New York Pizza. We also got a day at the end to explore a little more, and boy did we. Thanks to our BFF from high school touring us around, we walked almost 20,000 steps and saw everything from Central Park to the Chelsea Market and High Line above it! Thanks Mckayla! (Side Note: She’s a fantastic fashion blogger, so follow her at @mckaylaseiber on instagram for details!)

While I am a West Coast girl at heart, New York has its own unique identity. It really is the city that never sleeps, with honking cars all through the night and pizza offered 24 hours of the day. Might I add, I asked one uber driver if he liked honking constantly and he told me, “No” while simultaneously honking. Maybe he misunderstood me?? Who knows, I think it’s how they get their anger out.

Thank you New York for a wonderful time and the chilling cold I will never forget.

Until next time.



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