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Pump It Up

Pump update, from a first time pumper.

Week one of the OmniPod system.

So far, I have used 4 pods with insulin, I've changed it at my house and at work, both went well. The system is incredibly straight forward in changing the pod and surprisingly is a less painful insertion than the Dexcom (In my Humble Opinion).

I thought I would notice the Dexcom when I wore it, I don't. Then, I thought the same for the pod, especially because it's bigger, luckily, I was wrong, again! I actually notice it less than my Dexcom for some reason. I switched the site from my arm to my stomach and I LOVE it, I now have done three there. The infusion was less painful and I don’t knock it on doors, walls or chair arms, yes, I run into things often.

It’s definitely been an adjustment with carb counting though. I usually eat similar things and know how many units I’d need with a pen injection. Now that the pod offers me significantly smaller increment options, (in .5) I have been working on getting carbs exactly right. This has proven to be harder than expected. I’ve been going low way more often than I have gone in years, maybe since diagnosis. This also could be because the insulin absorption rate with a pump is much higher than with a pen injection. It’s been a bumpy week, but we’ll get there!

What does surprise me, is that I have been starting to ask for nutritional menus at restaurants. Some places are right on it and return with it in hand, where most either “have to ask” or just ignore me and never bring one. Interesting to say the least, has anyone else experienced this?

I have a check in appointment next week with my endocrinologist, so we’ll see if she makes adjustments to my ratios.

Ta ta from the podder for now.


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