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Rome Intro

Even though this was almost three years ago I remember it like it was yesterday. I packed my bags and headed to the airport, where I was told to drop 5 lbs out of my suitcase, bye bye school supplies and backpack, Ill get you in Rome! My family wished me well with a sign made by my sister that misspelled arrivederchi (she missed the R) and off I went.

It was a long day as I embarked on my flight to Toronto and then Rome, Italy, where I would be spending the next 4 months. My flight was delayed in Toronto for 3 hours but luckily I was joined by a few of my fellow SMC gaels, who made the time pass quickly.

When I finally got to Rome, I found out my luggage did not make

it with me. Boo.

Luckily, I had packed all my underwear in my carry on just in case this happened, great planning on my part. So, I had to borrow my roommates clothes for the next three days until my suitcase arrived.

Taking the van to where I would be living was a ride to remember. I was fore-warned about the Italian drivers but I honestly thought I would not make it to my apartment. He was a CRAZY driver. Everyone in the car was worried. While I was stressed about my well-being, I tried to take in the Italian countryside heading into Rome. The fields of green made me excited to explore more.

When we got into the city I was the first of the group to be dropped off. I walked up to my graffiti covered door and unlocked it to find a long hallway with stairs at the end. At least I didn’t have to carry my big suitcase yet right?? I opened my apartment door to find my Saint Mary’s Rome roommates welcoming me.

I was so excited to get settled in my new home, learn about the Italian culture, and find out more about our world!

Adventure stories to come!

P&B (Peace and Blessings)


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