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San Diego


Girls trip 2k17 was a success. We all traveled down to San Diego to have some fun in the sun, and a few margaritas too. We stayed on mission bay where we woke up to wind surfers and joggers galore. We scored (thanks papa och) a room with fire pits and roasted, toasted? burned ? some marshmallows and enjoyed some yoga on the beach.

The group, of 7, decided to all buy matching squad swimsuits. Yes, yes we know we're basic, but at least we own it. We went on down to Coronado island, south of SD, and strutted our stuff in those suits. The island is home to a military base and there was a group of military men running by, thanks for your service! Hopefully our photoshoot made your run more enjoyable. ;)

At the Italian restaurant where we ate, we had our favorite wine we loved from Italy, Nero d'avola, and we had yet to find it in America! We were so happy that two of us ended up buying a full bottle.

Sunny skies and palm trees always make for a nice vacation. I'm glad to have spent it with my besties as it was my last spring break, maybe ever!

The second half of break was spent in Scottsdale, AZ so there is another spring break post coming your way!

Peace and blessings,


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