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The 2020 CheyMo Gift Guide

Hey what’s up hello ho ho! It’s been a minute since we’ve put pen to paper and posted a new blog post, but we’re excited to be back in action. With a year that’s been full of uncertainty, we’re here to share something we do have much certainty about. Christmas is a-comin' and we know the best gifts for everyone on your list!

Gift giving is OUR LANGUAGE. Literally. There are five types of love languages, and this is the one we speak and understand the best. Love languages do not need to be romantic. They are defined simply as the way a person feels love or appreciated. By anyone!

The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Everyone’s love language varies a bit depending on your personality. Everyone showers their love and thoughtfulness in different ways and that’s what makes our world so unique and beautiful. Gift giving is simply our way of doing that! It’s something we love doing, love seeing, love being a part of!

Girlfriend Athletics @girlfriend

WE LOVE GIRLFRIEND ATHLETICS. Not only is their athletic apparel cute and comfortable….it’s saving our lovely planet earth with every purchase!

Husband and wife Quang and Ellie Dinh have always held deep care for the environment but struggled finding comfortable active wear that was also eco-friendly. So they took matters into their own hands and started Girlfriend Athletics. One of their trademark innovations is using Econyl nylon, a fabric made from materials like discarded carpet fluff and fishing nets versus the crude oil plastics most nylons are made of.

From their Econyl nylon products to their commitment to creating meaningful change in the fashion industry, taking a chance on this luxury athleisure and athletic wear is something you can both feel good and look good in too!

We recommend checking out the Paloma sports bra. Talk about keeping the tatas safe and secure while also lookin cute and feelin; comfy. What more could we ask for?! Girlfriend Athletics is an absolute fave. Can’t imagine working out without my Paloma!

Bee Co @beecoshop

The girl power continues. Bee (Basic Everyday Essential) Co was started by Megan Howell, an elementary school teacher in the heart of Napa Valley, California. Not only are Bee Co products adored by her students, Bee Co products are also treasured by Napa Valley locals and visitors alike.

Bee Co-products include custom handbags, accessory pouches, and scarves and embody the perfect culmination of quality and creativity. Megan picked up her natural eye for fashion and functionality from her great grandmother who taught her how to sew, knit, and foster any sense of creativity. We both have a Bee Co bag and stopped keeping track of the compliments that we received when wearing them...the praise never ended! You can count on Bee Co to keep your style fresh and fun year-round.

Art by Aleisha @artbyaleisha

From original prints to brighten up your apartment walls, to greeting cards, to T-shirts or tumblers, this creative queen has got you covered. Along with smashing the patriarchy in style, we fell in love with Art by Aleishawhen we discovered her talent for hand-printed maps. Morgan has one of these unique pieces in her home and can confidently contest that it’s the piece that has tied her new apartment altogether.

Not only are Aleisha's products beautiful and bold in all the right ways, her totes are an essential for grocery store trips or socially distant picnics. They’re the perfect size to carry all your goodies to and fro. We know traveling is on pause for now, but once we’re back in motion, you can sure bet on us to use that tote for day trips or a cute carry-on bag too. Check out her travel blog while you’re shopping her site too; it’s never too soon to start that post covid travel bucket list!

Senita Athletics @senita

“Pump It! Louder!” sang The Black Eyed Peas about Senita Athletics. Truly though. Functional fit wear that has pockets for pumps and PDM?! Can I get a heck yeah from my T1D community?! Thank you Senita Athletics.

Yes, Senita Athletic products are wonderful for T1 diabetics because of the pockets and functionality of their fit wear, but it’s 2020, and who doesn't need a place to put their iPhone while they’re working out? We are so grateful we found this brand formed out of sisterhood (have you picked up on a theme here yet?) and we love that they’re all about giving back to the T1 community as well.

Morgan and I have matching biker shorts that we wear year-round. Whether we’re cleaning the apartment or getting in that lunchtime Zoom yoga class, these products have been the one thing keeping us movin’ and groovin’ all throughout the year.

Allie Rose Design @allierosedesigns

If there’s one thing you need to know about’s that she loves free sh*t. So when she stumbled upon Allie Rose Design on Tik Tok and noticed that FREE STICKERS accompany every purchase, she couldn’t help but order (WHAT?).

And boy oh boy was it one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Not only do we LOVE her insights as a small business owner (shop small, friends!) but her merch is just as adorable as Allie Rose herself. From notebooks and stationary to home and wall art, these products are the types of things your friends will all ask “omg where did you get this?!”. We love finding original gems like

Allie Rose Art that look like you have the latest and greatest from Urban Outfitters home section, but are in fact an original gem, unlike any other vendor.

  1. SkylarGrace co @skylargrace_co

SkylarGrace… dang. cute. From design to aesthetic, this girl’s products have got it all. It took us an entire day to decide which shirt to buy because we loved them all! Loungewear is definitely not going anywhere, so why not spice up your T-shirt game with one of these originals? SkylarGrace started her biz in April 2020 and we are excited to support the growth of these fun products!

So, although Morgan and I may disagree on everything from favorite birthday cake flavor, to picking out men, (lol. Love you boyfriends!) the one thing we do agree on most is GREAT GIFTS. We hope you’ll check out those entrepreneurs and artists and support a small business this year! What a perfect way to give back after a year that’s taken so much out of us all. Now get to shopping and happy holidays y'all

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