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Well this was a trip for the books. After San Diego we flew home to grab our sister and mom and headed down to Arizona, which is a state we have never been!

As a family we are usually really low key when it comes to traveling. But this trip was not…We had a plethora of medical problems, I won't go into them for your sake, but it was obnoxious.

Regardless, AZ is gorgeous, the sun hits the mountains and lights them up like a disco ball of purples and oranges with the surrounding clouds matching. The cacti were new landscape plants for me, coming from the west coast I was used to trees and bushes. I took a picture of one that was a perfect shape only to find out it was a wifi tower disguised as a cactus, who would do this to me! They didn't tell me until after taking the picture though, newbie over here I guess!

More sun and margaritas were soaked up this weekend and even though the medical issues took some time away from exploring I will definitely be back to see more, hike some of the hills and enjoy the serenity.

Peace and blessings,


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